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Mombag of Mystery!

I’m participating in the YummyMummy Club Photo a Day Challenge for May. To learn more or to join in, visit Today’s prompt: “In my Bag.” I know I’m not alone in this! The older I’ve gotten (and especially since I had kids of my own) the more I’ve started to resemble my mother. If […]

Happy Book Birthday, Ruby!

Look look look what arrived this morning!! Books books books… also, a box of Kleenex… although, really, that was just kind of sitting there and I was so excited to take the picture that I forgot to move it first. So, people of the internet, you can also witness my Kleenex in all its glory, […]

Meet My New Heroes

Everyone, I’d like you to meet Emma and Julia Mogus, my new personal heroes. At the ages of 14 and 16, these two sisters from Oakville Ontario are running an amazing organization called Books With No Bounds that collects and ships books to remote Aboriginal communities in Canada that can only be reached by plane. […]