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Thanks a Bunch, Toronto Artscape!

Last week I went here: It’s a retreat centre on the Toronto Islands, meant to give writers and artists space and time to work. My goal was to use the week I had there to finish up an illustrated middle grade novel I’ve been working on. It’s a serious literary work about a girl named […]

Who Wants to be PENpals?

If you’ve read Rhymes with Cupid you might remember Patrick and his search for the perfect pen. He used it as an excuse to stop by the stationary store again and again so that he could flirt with Elyse… What you probably don’t know, though, is that I OWE MY VERY LIFE to the perfect […]

Monster Trucks!!! YEAH!!!

Are you ready, READY, READYYYYYYYY for a post about monster Monster MONSTER trucks????!!!! Sorry. That was a lot of bold text, underlining and exclamation marks. I can’t help it. Yesterday my husband and I took our kids to the Toronto Monster Jam and, apparently, trucks with improbably large wheels get me all excited. Trust me, […]